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Sustainability september 6, 2013

Campbell’s Debuts Single-Serve Pods To Brew Soup, Not Coffee

The snack consists of a single-serving of broth that can be poured over a packet of dried noodles and vegetables.

Work august 31, 2012

Campbell’s Soup Celebrates Andy Warhol With ‘Pop-Art’ Inspired Can

The limited edition cans celebrate the 50th anniversary of the artist's '32 Campbell's Soup Cans.'

Home august 28, 2012

Campbell’s Introduces New Line Of ‘Hipster Inspired’ Soups

The company's new CEO Denise Morrison took on the daunting task of reinvigorating the 140-year-old brand with a mandate of rolling out more convenient, ethnic, and hip products.

Innovation april 15, 2011

Stephen Colbert Transformed Into Soup Can Street Art [Pic]

The playful tribute to Colbert à la Andy Warhol is "an irony rich mouthful" referencing a Colbert Report Show "Soup War" segment.

Retail february 17, 2010

Campbell Soup’s Labels Redesigned Using Neuromarketing

Recognizing the limitations of consumer research methodologies, Campbell Soup has been tapping into 'neuromarketing' techniques to pinpoint what is truly most engaging and emotionally compelling for a consumer


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