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Campfire Phone Charger Generates Energy Via Red-Hot Flames [Video]

Standard Sedan Magically Extends Into A Spacious RV [Video]

Solar Charging Tent Lets Campers Take Their Devices On The Road

Campground Offers Art Pieces To Sleep In [Pics]

Camping Additions Transform MINI Cooper Into An RV [Pics]

Camp Inside Mobile Works of Art

Flat Back Hammock Bed Offers Sleepers More Support

Camping Tent Collects Rainwater For Future Treks

Art Print Camping Tents Blend Into Nature [Pics]

Teapot Boils Water In The Sun

  • 21 may 2013

Backpackers Tents Hang From Trees Like Hammocks

Summer Camp For Adults Requires Campers To Unplug

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