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Arts & Culture april 24, 2013

Literacy Campaign Messages Masquerade As Print Ads [Pics]

Agency DDB Paris uses a clever poster strategy to include illiteracy stats and campaign information in standard-looking campaigns.

Arts & Culture march 8, 2012

Honda Ad Soundtrack Is A Mash-Up Of Recorded Car Sounds [Video]

Honda Australia's new commercial features sounds created by the car itself, showing that every part works in harmony.

Technology december 13, 2011

Fiat Commercial Receives VH1 'Pop-Up Video' Treatment [Video]

Successful 60-second digital spot "Seduction" now offers viewers fun facts.

Design & Architecture november 22, 2011

Nissan Qashqai Ad Blends Graffiti Car Chases & Slow-Motion Explosions [Video]

The TV spot sees the car weave through an urban environment with street art by McBess.

Advertising october 24, 2011

New Audi Ad Seamlessly Blends Live Action And CGI [Video]

"Sharper Drive" was produced by the German studio Parasol Island.

Arts & Culture june 6, 2011

Get Ready For The Arrival Of The Fiat 500 [Video]

The 2012 Fiat 500's arrival in the US is marked by a music video showing people getting ready to meet their new car.


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