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Technology september 14, 2016

Carpooling Service Puts Hybrid Spin On Ridesharing Model

By integrating riders as a part of its staffing, the company hopes to discourage car ownership

Mobile september 8, 2016

Why Uber And Lyft Are Trying To Chauffeur Senior Citizens

The car-hailing apps are launching new initiatives to cater to an older audience

Travel august 11, 2016

Lyft Is Trying To Disrupt Non-Emergency Medical Transport

The ride-sharing service is working to increase access to care by providing transportation to seniors and underserved markets

Design & Architecture june 20, 2016

MINI Designs A Sharable And Customized Car

The car brand has unveiled VISION NEXT 100 to showcase their vision on the future of mobility

Retail april 25, 2016

Car Sharing Will Guide Peugeot-Citroen's US Return

French automaker will use a 'Mobility Provider' strategy to find products right for the American market

Travel april 15, 2016

What Does A 'Female-Only Uber' Mean For The Rideshare Economy?

Chariot for Women is designed to create a safer environment for car-sharing

BMW creates a car-sharing service in Seattle (TechCrunch)
Mobile february 22, 2016

Would You Replace Your Volvo Car Keys with an App?

These 2017 cars could render the physical car key obsolete

Work february 1, 2016

Ride Service for Kids Lets Someone Else Play Soccer Practice Chauffeur

This service is dedicated to providing safe on-demand car trips for children

Arts & Culture january 5, 2016

What Car2Go Users Should Love About the New Smart fortwo

Improved handling, a more functional interior, and a dose of style are coming to the popular car sharing service

IoT september 15, 2014

Verizon to Offer Phone-Enabled Car Sharing Service

Mobile tech giant will enter sharing economy with new app by the end of 2014

Luxury june 19, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

A first look at Entrepreneur Barbie and SpaceX plans human journeys to Mars.

Innovation april 3, 2014

Car-Sharing Service Supplies Vehicles For Uber Drivers

Breeze rents out brand new Toyota Priuses so that transport programs can be even more eco-friendly.

Innovation october 18, 2012

Rent Out The Unused Family Car While Traveling

FlightCar is a car sharing service that lets people make money by loaning out their vehicle while they're away, and others can save up to 50% by borrowing it.


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