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Technology november 10, 2016

This Floating City Concept Could Fight Climate Change

A hoverboard startup wants to help keep urban areas safe from destruction

Mobile february 27, 2014

Solar-Harvesting Watch Charges Mobile Devices On The Go

People will no longer need to be saddled with bulky, heavy chargers.

Home february 11, 2014

Micro-Algae Factories Could Be A Food And Energy Source For The Home

What looks like a household bauble accessory actually satisfies some of homeowners daily needs.

Arts & Culture november 6, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Good vibes are in the air as Google launches Helpouts and Toms plans a charitable marketplace.

Innovation march 6, 2013

Robot Builds Pavilion From Carbon And Glass Fiber [Video]

This interdisciplinary project at the University of Stuttgart investigated biomimetic design strategies and robotic production.

Syndicated january 22, 2013

Triple Pundit: This Year's Detroit Auto Show Concept Car Is Actually A Bike

The surprise guest at the North American Auto Show was a carbon fibre bicycle from the renown car manufacturer.

Design & Architecture december 7, 2012

Immortalize Your Pet By Turning Their Ashes Into Diamonds

Instead of burying your pet or having them stuffed, you could have a diamond ring made from their cremated remains.

Work september 13, 2012

LED Lantern Powered By Salt Water

A Japanese company has invented a portable lamp that generates its own electricity, no batteries required.

Advertising march 1, 2012

Could Food Made From Bugs End World Hunger?

A UK based design team is developing a line of edible goods made from insects.

Technology february 8, 2012

New Filtered Water Bottle Uses Ancient All-Natural Japanese Technique

Black + Blum's new Eau Good water bottle uses a stick of active carbon called Binchotan.

Innovation december 8, 2010

Making Cement From Carbon Emissions

A California-based company has developed a unique marine life-inspired method to make eco-friendly cement.

Sustainability january 22, 2009

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