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Work january 8, 2016

A Giant, Hovering Office Could Eliminate the Grind of Workplace Commuting

L.A.-based architect envisions a workspace atop London that frees up commutes

Syndicated january 21, 2014

Vivienne Westwood Supports EU Ecocide Law

Fashion designer pushes for signatures on a petition to make harming the environment a punishable crime.

Luxury november 4, 2013

Why We're On The Brink Of A Housing-Like 'Carbon Bubble'

Al Gore calls on companies to 'do their fiduciary duty' and identify carbon risks in their portfolios.

Cities october 24, 2013

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Starbucks is opening a tea-only store as Walmart uses solar power.

Technology march 7, 2013

Why Electric Cars Still Aren't Ready For City Streets

Israeli initiative Better Place sold fewer than 750 cars and lost over $500 million.

Arts & Culture july 13, 2012

Triple Pundit: How 3D Design Software Is Creating A More Sustainable World

AutoDesk's social responsibility report details how its products are reducing carbon emissions with computer models.

Sustainability june 12, 2012

Pearl Jam's Sets Off On Zero Carbon Emissions 20th Anniversary Tour

The popular alternative rock band teams up with UPS to minimize and offset their carbon footprint.

Technology may 17, 2012

Ferrari To Launch A Hybrid Car

The Enzo will be the carmaker's most powerful model and will cut fuel consumption by 40%. It will be priced starting at $850,000.

Work may 10, 2012

Microsoft Commits To Going Carbon Neutral

Tech giant commits to making data centres, air travel and offices meet target by this July.

Innovation november 26, 2010

DHL To Test A Crowdsourced Social Logistics Network

An innovative program aims to reduce urban congestion created by local courier services.

Arts & Culture september 6, 2010

How Public Transportation Improves Health

APTA's study looks at the tangential benefits of public transportation.

Technology may 19, 2010

Biomanufactured Masonry: Next Generation Brick Design

A bio-engineered brick could replace traditional kiln-fired bricks.


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