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Work october 4, 2016

Thinking Outside Of The Career Ladder

The Future of Work report by PSFK Labs explores the trend of personalized career planning

Luxury february 16, 2016

What’s Driving The Rise of The Nomad Class?

From four jobs a career to four jobs a day: PSFK's Piers Fawkes explores the untethered life

[Insight] Cross-department experience becomes increasingly important for CEOs
[Insight] Weak ties make LinkedIn networking less valuable, says Harvard Business Review
Design & Architecture july 14, 2013

Mark Busse: When To Say No To Clients

Mark Busse advises young designers to develop a set of rules for the kind of work that builds their reputations and their portfolios, and know when to decline.

Innovation january 17, 2013

Toy Makes Engineering Concepts Fun For Young Girls [Video]

Stanford graduate develops 'Goldieblox,' a game to inspire future female engineers.

Technology january 16, 2013

How To Succeed As A Freelancer [Partner Content]

In order to maintain motivation and reach your goals, understanding your personal reasons for freelancing is key.

Mobile january 13, 2013

Propath – A Concept For The Future Of Work

A data-rich visual career mapping tool that helps the user to plot the course of their career with a game-like interface and features.

Home january 13, 2013

Online Dating For Your Next Job [Future Of Work]

How the things you do on a matchmaking site can be leveraged to help you find your perfect career.

Work january 13, 2013

Social Network Matches Employer Needs With Worker Aspirations [Future Of Work]

The social network, Upmo, profiles past and present professional lives, offering profiles that show possible career options.

Retail january 3, 2013

5 Fashion Tech Companies That Are Making Waves

PSFK reports from the Future of Fashion event about New-York-based startups who are redefining how we think of retail.

Innovation october 3, 2011

Seth Godin: Do You Know What To Do Next?

"If you're not willing to face the abyss of choice, you will almost certainly not spend enough time dancing with opportunity." Seth Godin

august 23, 2011

Is Binge Drinking The New Job Requirement In China? [Headlines]

Binge drinking with your colleagues is becoming a social custom in China. Some job applications even ask, 'how well can you hold your alcohol?'

Sustainability august 22, 2011

Monocolumn: Quality News Reporting Doesn’t Need HD

In today's column from Monocle, Alex Crawford of Sky News shows the essence of old-fashioned, frontline reporting.


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