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Work january 31, 2014

Robot Creates Light Paintings Based On Rap Lyrics [Pics]

A rap scholar uses artists' geographical locations, aspirations and favorite locales to create stunning visualizations.

Technology january 7, 2014

Modeling Tool Helps Designers Drape Digital Forms Across Physical Bodies [Video]

A new type of architectural modeling explores the differences between physical and digital environments.

Sustainability january 6, 2014

Augmented Reality Platform Hides Graffiti Easter Eggs Around Pittsburgh [Video]

An intriguing new form of AR art leaves video treats around the city for users to discover.

Technology november 14, 2013

Facebook Exchanges Real-World Coding Assignments For College Credit

Facebook is now offering courses in software engineering.

PayTango Lets You Pay With the Touch of a Finger
Advertising september 5, 2012

Flying Kite 'Flash Mobs' Monitor China's Air Quality

Graduate students turn a children's toy into a flying carbon monoxide and VOC level sensor.

Arts & Culture august 16, 2012

Take Out Stand Only Serves Food From Countries The U.S. Is At War With

Conflict Kitchen uses gourmet food to create a conversation about global politics.

Mobile april 30, 2012

Bilingual Robot Receptionist Helps University Students In Both English & Arabic

Qatar University introduces robotic assistants that can engage with students and visitors to provide campus information.

Arts & Culture october 24, 2011

Touch Screen Tech Responds To Different Parts Of The Hand

TapSense identifies and classifies different types of gestures allowing them to be assigned various functions on your device.

Luxury september 8, 2010

(Video) Carnegie Mellon's Robotic Snake

A unique robot uses biomimetic movements that allow it to climb trees and travel across difficult terrain.

Technology march 5, 2010

Skinput: Touch-Sensitive Skin

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Microsoft have joined forces to create Skinput, a bio-acoustic sensing device that allows your skin to be used as a touch-screen interface.


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