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[Stat] Despite new payment advances, cash is still the most frequently used consumer payment option
[Insight] Patients providing biological samples for cash will be a $23 billion market by 2018
[Stat] 5 million millennials do not have a checking account and feel distrust towards banks
Work september 17, 2014

Square Cash: Text or Email Money for Free

Updated release of app redefining mobile payment services

Retail april 15, 2013

Fingerprints Used As Student Currency

PayTango uses biometric technology to allow customers to pay.

Advertising november 8, 2012

App Rewards Users With Money For Scanning QR Codes

Startup Qriket provides cash incentives for users to scan barcodes in ads.

Syndicated september 18, 2012

Could A Virtual Main Street Save Struggling Local Shops?

With nearly 15% of shops vacant, two new online shopping companies are trying to revamp the way we think about buying 'local.'

Technology june 20, 2012

Withdraw Cash From The ATMs Using Only A Smartphone [Video]

Wireless and seamless process utilizes QR codes to dispense cash from machines.

Retail june 7, 2012

How Much Is Too Much For Brands To Be Paying Bloggers? [Headlines]

Somewhere between journalism and advertising some companies are spending six figures for the sense of authenticity and to connect with the large followings of independent critics.

Luxury may 14, 2012

How Twitter Is Changing Customer Service

Twitter is becoming so widely used for complaints that companies, from LA Fitness to BT, have Twitter accounts specifically to deal with customer feedback

Advertising december 22, 2011

Mobile Payment Platform Unveils New Instant Cash Feature For Users

Dwolla now lets users spend up to 500 USD instantly anytime, anywhere, using their Instant service.

Mobile november 18, 2011

Credit Card Reader App Comes With Loyalty Rewards [Headlines]

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey's app Square now comes with added benefits, including cash rewards.

august 22, 2011

Soaring Price Of Gold Creates Selling Frenzy In Japan [Headlines]

Japan is racing to sell everything gold. Line ups are so long, some trading shops have to turn customers away.

Gaming & Play july 6, 2011

Google's Pays You To Play

Google quietly launchs a new website that invites people to create and join contests for cash prizes.


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