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Work may 28, 2013

Designers Turn Old Tapes Into Lamps

A collective in Spain transforms used cassettes into useful home items as a tribute to this vintage technology.

Arts & Culture november 29, 2012

Cassette Art Captures The Essence Of Classic Films

Popular culture is the genesis of these images that employ retro technology in a new way.

Advertising august 6, 2012

Cassette Tape Ribbons Create Portraits Of Famous Musicians [Pics]

Cassette tapes have become obsolete, but the music they once contained lives on in this interesting reuse of the spool of plastic.

Retail august 12, 2010

A Cassette Tape-Inspired Hard Drive

After all the virtualization we've been seeing, this design is a notable about face towards a collection of totemic objects rather than an invisible, singular cloud of data.

Home february 11, 2010

TapeTronic: Hacking Tape Decks To Create Music

Using a hybrid mixture of modified tape decks and various effects Alexis Malbert creates music using archaic technology.

Arts & Culture january 6, 2010

The Tapeworm: Limited Edition Cassette Tapes

A small London-based label called The Tapeworm produces cassette-only releases, limited to 250 copies.

Design & Architecture july 29, 2009

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