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Retail january 4, 2013

Help London Get Its Own Cat Cafe

The UK metropolis is crowdsourcing tea and cuddles for feline lovers.

Work november 30, 2012

Control Pet Toys Live And Real-Time From Your Desk

Website allows people to play with cats using their computers.

Advertising september 6, 2012

Animal Clinics Use Chatroulette Approach To Increase Adoption Rates

'Catroulette' bases its user interface on the "nexting" model, allowing users to skip through videos of cats and kittens that need good homes.

Design & Architecture july 31, 2012

Quirky Sofa With Built-In Tunnels Lets Cats Play While Owners Rest [Pics]

A furniture design that allows pets and owners to co-exist when there's limited space.

Design & Architecture june 21, 2012

Camera Records Life From A Dog’s Perspective Based On Pet’s Emotions

Ever wonder how your pets see the world? Concept camera takes photos from a dog's point of view.

Mobile august 22, 2011

Food Trucks & Biscuit Bikes For Pets Offer Treats On Wheels

A number of pet-care companies launched mobile food vehicles in New York this summer, selling snacks for your four-legged friends.

Technology may 20, 2011

Purina Makes Touchscreen Apps For Cats

Purina's Friskies has developed three apps built to be played on the iPad and on Android tablets, drawing upon research on how cats react to moving stimuli.

Innovation november 15, 2010

Scientists Reveal How Cats Lap Milk So Cleanly

New research explains the physics behind how cats drink liquids with such elegance.

Home april 9, 2009

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