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Technology january 11, 2013

Amazon Give Customers Free MP3s Of All CDs Purchased

AutoRip gives buyers a digital version of CDs purchased from the online retailer since 1998, which is automatically added to their Cloud Player account.

Retail august 30, 2011

30 Years Of Music Industry Change Revealed In An Animated Gif

An animated gif comprised of thirty one pie charts represent the shifting revenue contributions from the LP, cassette, CD, to downloaded singles and albums.

Technology january 20, 2011

Cake Tops Billboard Chart With Record Breaking Low Sales

According to Nielsen Soundscan, Cake's "Showroom of Compassion" sold 44,000 and now carries the honor of the lowest-selling Number One in chart history.

Advertising august 4, 2009

Album as Advertisement or Application?

We wrote last week about Apple's efforts to preserve the sanctity of the album through artwork and extras, a move that attempts to synthesize the digital format's emerging dominance with the holistic listening experience of the past. But what is the future of the album exactly? Is it merely an outmoded concept that speaks more to the artist's craft than what the audience actually wants to hear (i.e. hit singles divorced of any context that can be easily inserted into personalized playlists)?

Design & Architecture july 2, 2007

Innovative CD Packaging

Our indie rock friends from Durban, South Africa SUPERHOTJOY, just sent us their debut album. The album is great, but what really caught our attention was the fantastic packaging


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