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Social Media may 24, 2016

This Summer Camp Teaches Teens To Become YouTube Stars

There are now chances for young creatives to mingle with YouTube greats

Fashion may 19, 2016

Internet Marketing Pioneer: Fashion And Tech Never Go Out Of Style

IoT pioneer and EVRYTHNG founder Andy Hobsbawm on the intersection of tech, apparel and imagination

Work october 5, 2015

See Beyoncé, Miley and More as iPad-Painted Portraits

Artist Jeremy Martin creates colorful celebrity pop art portraits directly on his tablet

Advertising february 3, 2014

Fake Magazine Covers Depict Struggling Mothers As Famous Celebrities [Pics]

To promote a program that helps single mothers in poverty, an ad campaign featured tabloid pages to draw our attention to those who need it.

Design & Architecture august 29, 2013

M&S Highlights Top British Women In New Fashion Campaign

Fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz has photographed twelve women from diverse backgrounds to star in the Autumn campaign of the British company.

Arts & Culture july 17, 2013

Celebrity Portraits Crafted From Various Foods [Pics]

French artist Vivi Mac uses different types of edible items to create detailed artworks using a plastic straw and her hands.

Technology july 16, 2013

Facial Recognition System Detects Celebrities

Designed for retailers and hotels, the new identification technology by NEC IT Solutions can identify famous faces.

Technology june 16, 2013

PSFK's Top Five Stories Of The Week

Apple's post-Jobs manifesto, Domino's pizza helicopter and a hip-hop coloring book for adults. We bring you the best in art, tech and business.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2013

Similar Celebrities Of Different Eras Fused Into One Person [Pics]

Graphic designer Marc Ghali created mashups of the faces of two similar public figures who were born decades apart in the project 'Then & Now'.

Luxury april 9, 2013

Book Adventure Travels With Local Celebrity Athletes

Lifestyle and travel service Zozi offers tours and experiences like snowboarding and cooking lessons.

Technology january 10, 2013

Pro Athletes Can Now Sign Autographs Miles Away

Sports fans can use Egraphs digital tech to easily receive a personalized message from stars.

Arts & Culture december 6, 2012

Photographer Captures Portraits Of Hiding Celebrities [Pics]

Chris Buck's series 'Presence' features famous people hiding somewhere in the frame so they can't be seen in the pictures.

Home november 2, 2012

Become Lady Gaga Or Justin Bieber On Twitter With This App

ShadowMe is a new app for iOS 6 that lets users view the tweets that celebrities and others see in their feeds.

IoT october 18, 2012

New Sperm Donor Service Lets Moms Choose Celebrity Baby-Daddies

A new fertility bank promises users the possibility of genes that will produce a more attractive and successful child--who can also better mankind.


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