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Technology june 3, 2016

Send Messages Without A Cellular Network

Phone software allows emergency workers to send important info across long distances

Culture july 2, 2013

Kinect Installation Lets Visitors Control A Living Human Cell [Video]

New interactive project aims to put the fun back into learning.

Advertising may 31, 2013

Google Debuts A Discount Device To Challenge The iPhone

The Moto X aims to outshine its ubiquitous competitors with low price point and sensory perception.

Culture november 4, 2011

Art Installation Mirrors Your Movements With Personality Tags

Cell features an interactive screen that explores how social media fabricates a different persona.

IoT august 22, 2011

Fancy Car Alarm Systems With Remote Accessibility Give Way To Hackers [Headlines]

Hackers can send text messages to your car's anti-theft system, allowing them to unlock doors and start the engine.

Advertising august 3, 2010

encycloPDF: Wieden + Kennedy New York Responds To PSFK Future Of Health Report

A way to turn discarded mobile devices into text-based medical encyclopedias.

Design july 15, 2010

Cell Phone Network That Doesn’t Need Towers

The Serval Project has The Serval Project has demoed a mobile phone system that creates a mesh network with Wi-Fi enabled phones. a mobile system that creates a mesh network with Wi-Fi enabled phones.

Design january 8, 2010

Article Of The Future: Scientific Research Meets The Web

Scientific journal Cell has undergone a design change to add a dynamic element to their research articles.

Innovation october 23, 2009

(Video) Using Eye Movement to Control a Mobile Phone

DoCoMo's prototype headphones use eye movements to activate different device functions such as play, pause, volume up/down and track forwarding.


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