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august 7, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

3-D printing body parts, Kickstarter to open to Canada and study links TV and Twitter.

Work july 2, 2013

Kinect Installation Lets Visitors Control A Living Human Cell [Video]

New interactive project aims to put the fun back into learning.

june 17, 2013

Prison Hotel Treats Guests Like Inmates [Pics]

Latvia’s Karosta Prison is now a tourist attraction where guests sign up to be treated like actual criminals.

Luxury march 4, 2013

Dutch Prison Transformed Into Luxury Hotel [Pics]

The Het Arresthuis jail in the Netherlands now features forty guest rooms and four large suites.

Work september 15, 2012

Researchers Merge Living Cells With Nanowires To Create Functional 'Cyborg' Tissue

A Harvard research team has created a method which successfully combines functional electronics and living biological structures.

Technology july 5, 2012

Scientists 3D Print Blood Vessels Using Sugar [Video]

Researchers move a step closer to creating an artificial lab-grown organs.

Design & Architecture march 9, 2012

Twitter Feeds Expressed As Living Cells

All of a users social network updates are visualized with an iPad app that displays them as biological cells and particles.

Innovation february 1, 2011

Scientists Discover Ancient Body Clock

Scientists from the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh have discovered a mechanism which governs the 24-hour 'body clock' within all (ancient and modern) living creatures.

Innovation march 22, 2010

Silicon Chips Implanted In Living Cells

A recent experiment successfully implanted chips into living cells.


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