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Syndicated september 26, 2016

Banned Books Week Urges People To Seek Out Controversial Works

Joining the annual celebration of the right to read, US author Jessica Herthel called for 'more information, more voices' to protect diversity

Syndicated april 7, 2016

Apple At 40: Privacy, Software, New Device Frontiers Are Key Challenges

Pioneering firm is hoping to avoid a midlife crisis, while staying relevant

[Inspiration] Hollywood navigates censorship in partnering with Chinese market
The internet’s history of censorship is shaping our future rules of free speech (Verge)
Technology july 1, 2014

Anti-Censorship Tools Allow People To View Government-Blocked Sites

The Center for Rights in Action is working on a tool to help people view censored websites across the globe.

Technology february 12, 2014

Anti-Surveillance Initiative Gives The NSA A Taste Of Its Own Medicine

The world now has the NSA under 24/7 public watch.

Innovation december 20, 2013

Photos Of Happy Dictators Show A World Without Free Press [Video]

Reporters Without Borders instigates a fight for the freedom of information.

Home october 10, 2013

Novel’s Cover Brings Storyline To Life With Built-In Matchbook

New design cover of "Fahrenheit 451" encourages readers to burn the book after reading.

Work june 17, 2013

YouTube Directors Give Age-Ratings To Their Online Films

Film-makers in UK, Netherlands and Italy to enter a program where they can provide censorship ratings for their movies.

Home october 16, 2012

James Ball: Reddit Wants To Pick And Choose What Is Free Speech

Reddit used free speech to defend its forums of pictures of young girls but blocked Gawker for 'outing' the man behind them.

Mobile june 26, 2012

Interactive Play Fights Censorship By Asking Audiences To Leave Phones On

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, by Nassim Soleimanpour, who is not allowed to leave Iran, has no director, no rehearsals and no set. Viewers participate through mobile emails to the scriptwriter in Tehran.

Gaming & Play april 16, 2012

Ai Weiwei: How Chinese Censorship Can Never Defeat The Internet

Renown artists believes that freedom can't be stopped in the internet age.

Technology january 27, 2012

Twitter To Censor Tweets In Select Countries [Headlines]

Social networking platform will monitor activity in certain nations around the world

november 9, 2011

70% Support Shut Down Of Social Networks During Social Unrest [Headlines]

In England, the majority of adults would support a government shut down of sites like Twitter and Facebook during riots like the ones this summer.


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