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Mobile march 2, 2016

Fidget in This Chair to Charge Your Phone

This chair creates electricity through the user's movement

Technology january 26, 2016

Virtual Reality Theaters, We May Have Found Your Cinematic Seating

A motorized swivel chair that moves the user around in virtual scenes

Innovation october 2, 2014

A Handcrafted Rocking Chair for Bike-Lovers

The Randonneur Chair's beautiful design draws inspiration from bike-builders of the 1940's

Home august 6, 2013

High-End Italian Furniture Crafted By Ex-Cons [Video]

Fashion house Marni creates an interiors line that aims to provide a social service as well as make an aesthetic product.

Work august 1, 2013

Experimental Left-Handed Drawing Transformed Into Chair Design [Pics]

A wobbly sketch is transformed into an actual piece of furniture.

Design & Architecture july 29, 2013

Floating Chair With Sliced-Off Legs Defies Gravity [Pics]

Peter Bristol’s Cut Chair looks unstable but can support a person’s weight thanks to a metal plate anchoring it under a piece of carpet.

Cities july 23, 2013

Public Plastic Chairs Look Like Giant Flowers [Pics]

Foldable chairs with movable petal-like seats provide useful seating and aesthetic design.

Innovation may 30, 2013

Cocoon Chair Provides Personal Space In Busy Locales [Pics]

Design studio TILT created pieces of enclosing furniture that create an oasis of quiet in densely populated workplaces.

Home may 22, 2013

Flat Pack Chair Cut From A Single Piece Of Wood [Pics]

Monstrans' compact furniture piece is ideal for smaller living spaces.

Technology march 25, 2013

Trash Sculpture Turns Into Michael Jackson When Illuminated

Diet Wiegman puts a new spin on garbage by turning it into art when lit up by a spotlight.

Design & Architecture november 26, 2012

Cozy Reading Chair Surrounds User With Their Books

Instead of having a chair and a bookshelf, this all-in-one ‘Bookworm’ features shelving and a place to sit.

Technology november 2, 2012

iPad Charging Rocking Chair

Furniture converts motion into usable energy to power iPad and speakers.

Arts & Culture october 9, 2012

$70,000 Wooden Bike Inspired By A Century-Old Chair [Pics]

Historic chair manufacturer Thonet branches out to make unique-shaped bicycles.

Work september 30, 2012

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