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Urban Micro-Apartment Chairs Fold Into The Floor

Two-Legged Chair May Be Uncomfortable, But It Forces Better Posture

This Chair is Designed to Hold Your Whiskey

Office Chair Cushion Nudges You If You’ve Been Sitting For Too Long

DNA Project Crossbreeds Design Elements To Craft The Perfect Chair [Pics]

Salvaged Fire Station Hoses Turned Into High-End Furniture And Accessories [Pics]

Washing Machine Transforms Into A Lounge Chair [Pics]

Origami-Inspired Magnetic Furniture Snaps Into Place [Pics]

Typographic Furniture Collection Lets Owners Mix & Match Letters [Pics]

Geometric Dining Table Adds Functional Art To The Home

Modular Seating Lets Users Turn Their Couch Into A Mini Office

Elegant Outdoor Furniture Inspired By Large-Scale Industrial Designs [NY Design Week 2012]

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