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IoT january 28, 2016

MTA’s Customer-Centered Subway Cars of 2020

Can new subway cars be less of a crowded and disconnected nightmare?

Work september 15, 2015

LA Metro Launches Connected Bus Shelters

Program demonstrates the growing need for digitally-enabled public works

Sustainability december 19, 2014

How Artificial Intelligence Could Put More Electric Cars on the Road

GE is equipping charging stations with AI to get more electric cars driving

Technology december 12, 2014

Interactive Technology Charges Phone in a Beautiful New Way

Spira device, designed by Alice Robbiani, operates as a base station, magnetic picture frame and wall clock

Luxury october 3, 2013

New Homes Now Required To Be Equipped With EV Charging Stations

Palo Alto city council will prewire future homes with the assumption that their owners may have electric cars.

Sustainability july 31, 2013

BMW’s New Electric Car Comes With A Companion SUV For Longer Trips

With a spare car and other backup options, the auto brand aims to ease the mind of new owners.

Technology december 11, 2012

Hotel Fitness Center Lets Guests Charge Devices Through Pedal Power

At Element Hotels, guests can now power up their smartphone or tablet with a stationary bike workout.

Home july 25, 2011

IKEA Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In 10 US Stores [Headlines]

The cheap and cheerful furniture chain makes plans to install charging stations for electric cars at 10 Western U.S. stores.

Innovation july 11, 2011

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