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Charity: Water
Augmented & Virtual Reality august 22, 2016

Live The Experience Of Clean Running Water For The First Time

charity: water has revealed its first virtual reality experience film in a new NYC exhibit

Technology november 19, 2013

Charitable Marketplace Lets Shoppers Choose Where Their Money Goes

Give the gift of hope when you make a purchase on this site.

Work october 24, 2013

Google Tasks Nonprofits To Solve Global Crises With Glass

Google Glass could make philanthropy more transparent and bring donors closer to the cause.

Design & Architecture october 29, 2012

Watch Brand Donates To Different Charities Based On Which Color Is Purchased

Marketing agency develops a product aimed at alleviating major global problems.

Arts & Culture february 25, 2012

Retail Visionary Launches Love Concept Store With Online Dating Website

Rachel Shechtman team ups with dating site to launch innovative shopping experience for the month of February.

Work december 8, 2010

Nau’s Provocateurs

The fashion brand's portrait series collaboration profiles 12 individuals that embody the brand's values - and raises awareness for their work and socially-beneficial causes.

Luxury june 30, 2010

Catchafire: A New Way To Ignite Volunteerism

A new business based on the idea that many talented professionals want to volunteer but aren’t sure of how to do so in an efficient and effective way.

Retail may 19, 2010

TOMS Shoes + Charity: Water Double Your Philanthropy

A remarkable collaboration helps fuel two charity projects.


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