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Food september 7, 2016

Order A Shake Shack Burger Right To Your Hotel Room

The beloved restaurant is offering room service at the Chicago Athletic Association

Cities september 1, 2016

Chicago’s ‘Fitness Tracker’ Keeps A Pulse On The Vitals Of The City

The metropolis is installing connected monitors on street corners that collect data such as traffic, air quality, sound pollution and pedestrian density

Luxury july 7, 2016

Amtrak Steps Up Its Game With Its First Traveler’s Lounge

The national railroad is taking a cue from airlines and making its customers more comfortable with a new space in Chicago's Union Station

Cities december 16, 2015

Beyond Aesthetics: The Apple Retail Store Designed for the Future

Apple's series of new retail concept stores are designed to serve multiple purposes based on strategic planning and research

Cities october 22, 2014

Chicago Will Use Sensors to Gather Data on City and its Residents

Later this fall, Windy City dwellers may start to notice -- and be noticed by -- a number of high-tech installations

Advertising september 10, 2014

Marriott Installs Local Startup in Lobby to Boost Guest Nutrition

The hotel chain teams up with Chicago-based Farmer's Fridge to turn a 21-year-old's lobby concept into reality

Cities june 24, 2014

Design For Obama’s Presidential Library Gives Lakefront Back To Chicagoans

HOK Chicago's proposal aims to create a new green space in the city.

Cities may 28, 2014

Rogue Artist Fills Unsightly, Dangerous Potholes With Mosaic Art

Chicago local gives the city a helping hand with their road repairs.

Cities may 27, 2014

Tilted Observatory Suspends Tourists 1,000 Feet Above Chicago

The Tilt exhibit offers a 360-degree view of the city's skyline.

Culture february 10, 2014

Room Carved From Wood Reveals The Beauty Of Fast Food Design [Pics]

Designed by Roxy Paine, Carcass is a large-scale diorama of a fast food chain’s kitchen, carved entirely out of wood.

Cities december 30, 2013

Huge Letters Add Typographic Decor To Chicago’s Streets [Pics]

Audra Hubbell’s installation projects large-scale letters onto public spaces in Chicago, exploring how they interact with their surrounding space.

Advertising december 17, 2013

Holiday Player Piano Transforms The Morning Commute

Travelers and commuters passing through Chicago's Union Station got a festive surprise in the form of a piano that interacted with them, controlled by a remote pianist.

Advertising october 25, 2013

Hotel Employees Perform Random Acts Of Kindness Around The Globe [Video]

#InAHyattWorld reminds strangers the importance of real, not digital, human relationships.

Culture july 25, 2013

Taxidermy Busts Molded From Rifle Bullets [Pics]

Artist Courtney Timmermans turns traditional taxidermy on its head, creating busts of wild animals with metallic BB gun shells.


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