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[Inspiration] Hollywood navigates censorship in partnering with Chinese market
Asia september 23, 2016

Co-Working Space Brings The Calming Atmosphere Of Nature Indoors

An architectural firm in China has designed a new type of shared office that prioritizes the natural environment

Advertising september 12, 2016

China Breaks Down Its Borders In This Unique Advertising Campaign

A new ad for Harbin Beer shows athletes playing sports with neighboring countries, urging people to look beyond national identity

[News] Target moves into Chinese market with Alibaba’s help
[News] Hackers remote steer a Tesla, exposing security challenges of autonomous vehicles
[News] Starbucks to enter Chinese tea market with Teavana product line
[Insight] With 12.9% of retail completed online, China leads global e-commerce movement
[News] Ikea introduces its fist e-commerce site for Asia-Pacific
[Insight] Why the Chinese Government has restricted creativity in national architecture
Advertising august 9, 2016

Dior Is Selling Handbags In China Using WeChat

The major luxury designer has launched a limited edition purse exclusively through China's popular social network

Gaming june 27, 2016

China Turns Credit Scoring Into A Game

The Chinese government will roll out a platform that rewards citizens with high scores and penalizes those with low ones

[Insight] Snow brings Snapchat-inspired messaging to China
Automotive june 27, 2016

IoT-Enabled Folding Bike Designed For Overcrowded Cities

Electronics manufacturer Xiaomi's Mi QiCycle is targeted at solving problems for Chinese commuters in densely populated areas

Advertising june 27, 2016

Brands And Consumers Can Collaborate To Reach Shared Goals

PSFK’s new report explains how advertisers can reap rewards and catalyze change by investing in people and their causes


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