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[Stat] 92% of Chinese consumers use their phone to shop online
[Insight] How Chinese hardware startups leverage the Internet to accelerate business
[Inspiration] Hollywood navigates censorship in partnering with Chinese market
Work september 23, 2016

Co-Working Space Brings The Calming Atmosphere Of Nature Indoors

An architectural firm in China has designed a new type of shared office that prioritizes the natural environment

Advertising september 12, 2016

China Breaks Down Its Borders In This Unique Advertising Campaign

A new ad for Harbin Beer shows athletes playing sports with neighboring countries, urging people to look beyond national identity

[News] Target moves into Chinese market with Alibaba’s help
[News] Hackers remote steer a Tesla, exposing security challenges of autonomous vehicles
[News] Starbucks to enter Chinese tea market with Teavana product line
[Insight] With 12.9% of retail completed online, China leads global e-commerce movement
[News] Ikea introduces its fist e-commerce site for Asia-Pacific
[Insight] Why the Chinese Government has restricted creativity in national architecture
Technology august 9, 2016

Dior Is Selling Handbags In China Using WeChat

The major luxury designer has launched a limited edition purse exclusively through China's popular social network

Gaming & Play june 27, 2016

China Turns Credit Scoring Into A Game

The Chinese government will roll out a platform that rewards citizens with high scores and penalizes those with low ones

[Insight] Snow brings Snapchat-inspired messaging to China

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