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A Bouquet of Long Stem Doritos Roses for Your Valentine

French Fry Vending Machine Could Displace Local Street Vendors [Video]

  • 21 august 2013

Intel Launches Worldwide Tour To Highlight Creative Potential

Burberry Embeds Scannable Tags Into Clothes To Make Them Interactive [Video]

Gabriel & Paul Woolmington: Doritos Crash The Super Bowl [Super Bowl 2013]

Springwise: GPS Chips In Uniforms Let You Know If Your Kid Is In School

Scientists Can Create Chips With Less Salt That Taste The Same

PSFK’s Top Five Stories Of The Week

Lay’s Vending Machine Lets You Put In Potatoes And Get A Bag Of Chips

RFID Tags In Trees Prevent Illegal Deforestation

Pringles: The Best Designed Chip You Never Thought About

Silicon Chips Implanted In Living Cells

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