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Be Your Own Chocolate Scientist With a DIY Candy Kit

Chocolate—Straight From the Tap

  • 29 january 2016
  • Food

Will the Future of Fashion Smell Like Belgian Chocolate?

Geometric Chocolate Collection Employs Texture to Affect Taste

EDM Re-imagined In 3D Visuals – And White Chocolate

Star Wars-Themed Chocolates Take Shape of Death Star, Han Solo

Tea Aficionados Now Have Option of Chocolate Teapot that Brews

Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skulls Molded from Real Human Skeletons

Box of Chocolates As Set of Oil Paints

Chocolate Wafer Kits Let Kids Build Edible Airplanes, Cars And Dinosaurs

KitKat Lets Japanese Train Riders Pay With Chocolate Bars Instead Of Tickets

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