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Work november 26, 2014

Help Defend (or Destroy) Middle-Earth in a New, Interactive ‘Hobbit’ Experience

In the collaborative online world, users can tour the Shire, solve riddles in Rivendell and feast on manflesh in battle

Technology march 22, 2013

Chrome Turns Any Webpage Into A Playable Pinball Game

'World Wide Maze' is a 3D marble maze controlled by your mobile phone’s accelerometer.

Technology november 9, 2012

Compose A Song With Friends On Google Chrome With New ‘Jam’ Tool

The new experiment lets you create live music with up to three people in different locations.

Arts & Culture august 8, 2012

Google Creates 3D, Interactive Version Of Versailles

This Chrome Experiment is an in-browser tour of the Palace of Versailles called 'Chaos to Perfection', which takes users to places like the Grand Canal and the Hall of Mirrors.

Luxury july 2, 2012

Is Google Creating An Interactive Art Museum? [Video]

The Chrome team has released a teaser for the 'Web Lab,' a series of five experiment installations that will be featured at the London Science Museum.

Retail october 21, 2011

Google’s Never Ending Bookcase

The search giant rethinks online book shopping with its newest Chrome Experiment.


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