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Ballot Bin Urges Smokers To Vote With Cigarette Butts

Shoes Designed to Kick Cigarette Smoking to the Curb

Butts Recycled as Energy Storage

Could Redesigning The Cigarette Help People Quit Smoking?

Landscape Crafted From Cigarette Butts Shows Smoking’s Effect On The Environment

Facebook Is As Addictive As Cigarettes And Booze [Headlines]

eCigarettes Help Users Find Fellow Quitters

Facebook Addicted Teens More Likely To Do Drugs [Headlines]

  • 30 august 2011

Philip Morris Sues Over Australian Plans To Ban Logos From Cigarette Packets [Headlines]

Can Rebranding Encourage Better Health?

Monocolumn: Giving Up A Criminal Habit

Monocolumn: Why Giving Up Is Hard To Do

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