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Travel may 12, 2016

Air France Will Now Let Passengers Finish Films After They Get Off The Flight

In partnership coinciding with Cannes, the airline hopes to appeal to traveling film buffs

Work december 15, 2015

PSFK 2017 Forecast: Storytelling for All Five Senses

Our new report explores how to create more dynamic narratives to capture the attention of an audience

[Insight] How filmmakers are inventing the design rules of VR
Gaming & Play november 11, 2013

Sweden Uses New Rating System To Screen For Sexist Films

The Bechdel Test assesses gender bias by measuring the presence of strong female roles.

Technology march 18, 2013

Why Multi-Channel Thinking Is The Key To A Successful Viral Video

PSFK chats with the founder of about how they are helping brands to navigate the multimedia online space.

Syndicated february 1, 2013

The Creators Project: A Breath-Controlled Installation Inspired By Hurricane Sandy

The organization's team comes up with a project that encapsulate how humans effect the weather.the

Sustainability january 18, 2013

Microsoft Patent Would Automatically Silence Phones In Movie Theaters

The company's idea would dim the phone's screen and make alerts less distracting when GPS signals and certain lighting or sound factors were met.

Advertising january 4, 2013

Ridley Scott Produces Short Film With The Coca-Cola Bears [Video]

Iconic characters get a cinematic makeover by the famous director.

Technology november 30, 2012

Watch Movies That Are In Theaters From Home

PRIMA Cinema is a subscription service that allows members to access films currently showing in wide release.

Mobile november 16, 2012

App Rewards Users With Deals If They Resist Checking Phones During Movies

Cinemark has added 'CineMode' to its smartphone app, which dims your screen and sets your volume to vibrate.

Retail november 14, 2012

Springwise: Service Offers Discounted Movie Tickets To Fill Empty Seats

DealFlicks offers film lovers lower prices for filling seats otherwise left unused.

Design & Architecture october 24, 2012

Standing Cinema Lets Passersby Duck In To See A Movie Anytime [Pics]

An unconventional way to watch a movie in public with others.

Arts & Culture september 24, 2012

Hot Tub Rooftop Cinema Creates Relaxing Experience For Moviegoers

London film lovers can buy a seat or a private tub in which to enjoy classic films.

Mobile september 18, 2012

London Cinema Uses Covert Ninjas To Hush Rude Moviegoers

The Prince Charles Cinema in London is using volunteers clad in black lycra body suits to warn people who chat to their friends or use their cellphone in the theater.


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