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Cities july 25, 2016

PSFK Picks The Most Innovative Education Hubs In Boston

The Innovation Debrief: Boston unveils unique education hubs in the greater Boston area

Technology may 25, 2016

Giorgia Lupi: Bringing A Human Touch To Data [PSFK 2016]

Dear Data designer challenges audience to tell personal stories through data

Retail may 25, 2016

Found Objects From Around The World Showcased At Muji NYC

This curated pop-up shop and gallery shows how great design can come from all places

Design & Architecture may 18, 2016

Magically Manipulate Visuals With This Portable Projector

Mobile HD video projection system lets users control moving images through hand gestures

Sustainability may 18, 2016

Could Plastic Bottle Houses Help Build A More Sustainable Future?

Plastic Bottle Village project in Panama creates full dwellings from discarded materials

Technology may 18, 2016

What Might It Look Like If Google Built A City From The Ground Up?

Google's parent company is redesigning urban environments into self-reliant systems

Design & Architecture may 17, 2016

Create A Minimalist Map Of Your Favorite Place on Earth

Once the domain of sites like Etsy, making a custom map is now free and open-source

Advertising may 17, 2016

Paris Recruits Instagram Influencers To Boost Museum Visits

Ten Instagrammers were enlisted to recreate paintings from the city's museums

Arts & Culture may 17, 2016

Rain-Activated Sea Creatures Brighten A Dreary Seattle Commute

Public artwork celebrates the recent expansion of the C Line in Seattle

Design & Architecture may 17, 2016

New Road System Warns Drivers If A Bike Is Coming

A Dutch construction company is making intersections safer with LED lights and sensors

Travel may 16, 2016

Ride Sharing Service Wants To Create A Better Public Transit System

Via makes getting around more convenient through an on-demand service

Advertising may 13, 2016

PSFK Conference 2016: Mid-Morning Session

A look at some of the great ideas from the second session of our conference

Advertising may 13, 2016

PSFK Conference 2016: Morning Session

A look at some of the great ideas from the first session of this year's PSFK Conference


[Inspiration] How robotic architects and construction workers may jumpstart a fourth industrial revolution
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