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Experiential Marketing july 20, 2016

Citroën Launches Tumblr Gallery Exhibiting Commissioned Auto Artwork

The project challenges creatives to produce emotional short videos using one of the brand's products

Design & Architecture july 18, 2013

1965 Citroen Unfolds Into A Giant Transformer [Video]

Classic car can turn itself into a 60-foot tall robot complete with laser shields.

Design & Architecture april 17, 2012

Citroën's New Sleek Hybrid To Be Unveiled In China [Video]

French concept vehicle to be revealed first at the Beijing Auto Show.

Luxury april 14, 2012

Citroën Debut Concept Car With Fashion-Inspired Content

Photographer Laurent Nivalle creates a luxury styled photo spread and video profiling the car.

Technology april 6, 2012

Citroën Crowdsources Its Next Car Design On Facebook

The auto brand launches a campaign, where users design a special edition C1 car which will go into production later this year.

Technology november 16, 2011

Citroën Driver To Be Guided By User-Generated Tweets

Citroën will launch an interactive campaign where tweeters can give live directions to a celebrity driver.

Cities october 3, 2011

Peugeot Reveals Its Futuristic Electric Concept Car [Pics]

The French car manufacturer has unveiled its light, compact and electric-powered car.

Advertising september 19, 2011

Citroen's Tubik Concept Is A Lounge On Wheels

Citroen introduced their futuristic concept car at the Frankfurt Auto Show, complete with freely-configurable back seats.

Luxury september 2, 2011

CITROËN Tubik Concept Aims To Blend Technology and Fun [Pics]

CITROËN readies another wild concept car(van) which is a first class airline cabin on wheels.

Technology june 10, 2011

Citroen Survolt: A New Line Of Electric 'Supercars'

The Citroen Survolt ushers in a new line of electric 'supercars' that are 'faster, more efficient, and capable of driving longer distances on a single charge.

Design & Architecture april 7, 2011

Citroen's UFO Concept Car

French designer ora-ïto has re-imagined a trademark 'future-looking' style of the automobile manufacturer.

Work october 8, 2010

Paris Motor Show: Citroen Lacoste Unveil A Stylish Brand Blended Concept

Two iconic French brands collaborate on a sporty and simple concept car.

Luxury march 2, 2010

Citroen Survolt Concept: The EV As Street Racer

Citroen debuts an electric vehicle concept with a street racer personality.

Advertising february 5, 2009

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