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Arts & Culture december 17, 2015

Solar-Powered Truck Bridges Any Barriers Presented By Digital Literacy

Shipping container-turned-digital-classroom, this vehicle helps to educate African children in impoverished areas

Work november 6, 2014

Startup Wants 3D Printing in UK Schools

MakerClub creates classroom-friendly kits for teaching young people about 3D printing and high-tech inventing

Cities may 27, 2013

Outdoor Space Is A Parking Lot, Classroom & Movie Theater [My Ideal City]

A project by Architecture For Humanity Denver is seeking to transform a museum's extra space into an outdoor school for children in need.

Home december 3, 2012

Old Airplane Turned Into A Kindergarten Classroom

In Georgia, an old Yak-42 has been transformed into a place for kids to play and learn, with desks and educational toys.

Work november 29, 2012

Collaborative Touch Desks Help Students Learn Math Together

The NumberNet classroom allows for collective education via tactile 'smartboards.'

Technology may 22, 2012

How Has The Internet Changed Education? [Headlines]

The majority of college professors say they're using social media in classrooms, and over 30% of college students are taking at least one online course.

Sustainability january 13, 2012

Wi-Fi Plug Creates Interactive Cloud-Based Classroom Anytime, Anywhere

The SMILE Plug will allow students and teachers to engage and collaborate on multiple devices.

Home august 19, 2011

Teaching Ethnic Cuisine As A Platform For Cultural Exchange

A San Francisco start-up employs immigrant women to host classes teaching food lovers about their respective ethnic cuisine.

Innovation august 10, 2011

Ed Cotton: Coding The Corporate Language Of The Near Future

Ed Cotton asks us to consider learning coding as a new language. As our lives become more invested in the internet and computers, there is no doubt that knowing coding will provide us with more opportunities in the job market.

Technology august 10, 2011

Students Post On Wikipedia For Class Projects

Teachers are embracing Wikipedia as a writing and research tool used for class projects.

Gaming & Play may 10, 2011

Imagining A New Paradigm Of Education [Video]

A new curriculum places fostering imagination at its forefront to meet the uncertain demands of our economy.

Home april 12, 2011

Khan Academy Asks Students To Be Their Own Greatest Teachers [Video]

An entrepreneur is asking whether students should take classes at home, and do their homework at school.

Work april 7, 2011

When Curiosity Counts

Without tests or grades, one school of thought challenges our views of education, and has the alumni to prove their point.

Retail june 21, 2010

A Chair To Facilitate Active Learning

Steelcase's Node chair is aimed at meeting the needs of today's classrooms.


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