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Work july 17, 2013

Intricate Paperclip Sculptures Depict People In Motion [Pics]

One sculptor opts for a more unique medium than simple clay and marble.

Technology march 31, 2013

Clay Shirky: Why Group Thinking Leads To More Creative Ideas [PSFK 2013]

The author and educator shares his thoughts on the the best way to channel creativity.

Design & Architecture november 14, 2012

Water-Purifying Bowl

Lukas Jager's 'Puur Zuiveren' is a natural and inexpensive filtration system requiring no specialized equipment.

Technology june 9, 2010

Making Pottery Without Touching It

Virtual artisanship is made possible by the use of software that tracks hand movement and printing methods that mimic age-old techniques.

Design & Architecture january 18, 2010

Sugru: Silicone Clay Encourages Hacking And Repair

Sugru is a special kind of silicone "clay" that can be used for a wide variety of applications.


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