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Work june 20, 2014

Upcycled Refrigerators Create Water Out Of Air

A professor & student team at Nottingham Trent University found a DIY way to turn old appliances into potentially life-saving machines.

Mobile february 20, 2014

UNICEF Turns Device Detoxes Into Clean Water For Children

UNICEFs Tap Project will donate money to needy children for every minutes users stay off their phones.

Arts & Culture october 24, 2013

Indian Design-Inspired Posters Generate Awareness For Clean Water [Pics]

Charity:water hired designers from around the country to create the limited-edition pieces.

Technology september 4, 2013

Drinking Water ATM Dispenses Clean Liquid To Remote Villages

Developed by start-up Sarvajal, the technology provides people with better access to safe resources.

Technology march 8, 2013

UNICEF Transforms Facebook Profiles To Raise Money For Clean Water

The organization's latest fundraising and awareness campaign transforms social connections into water pipes and taps.

Home october 11, 2012

#FirstWorldProblems Gets Turned Into An Advocacy Campaign

Haitian people in need of clean water read out tweets that have been tagged with the hashtag to highlight their own plight.

Arts & Culture june 1, 2012

Virgin Launches A New Line Of Water Purifiers

Richard Branson sees a potential market in the U.K. for filtration systems.

Retail january 23, 2012

Insulated Water Bottle Brand Gives One Person Clean Water For A Year

MiiR's stainless steel product keeps drinks at the right temperature and has an attached social good campaign.

Sustainability december 28, 2011

Gamers Purchase Virtual Goods And Contribute To Real World Clean Water Supply [Future Of Gaming]

MiniMonos is a virtual world aimed at immersing children in themes related to social responsibility and sustainability.

Innovation december 28, 2011

Gaming Device Powered By Movement Converts Steps Into Charitable Donations [Future Of Gaming]

Striiv is a portable fitness device that blends physical activity with donations, converting everyday actions into opportunities for charitable play.

Retail july 16, 2010

UNICEF Installs Dirty Water Vending Machine In Manhattan

8 "flavors" of water represent common diseases that affect the global poor.

Cities june 9, 2010

Trashy Bags UpCycles Ghana's Plastic Garbage Into New Products

Solving Ghana's plastic waste issue offers economic growth alongside environmental improvements.


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