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Upcycled Refrigerators Create Water Out Of Air

UNICEF Turns Device Detoxes Into Clean Water For Children

Indian Design-Inspired Posters Generate Awareness For Clean Water [Pics]

Drinking Water ATM Dispenses Clean Liquid To Remote Villages

UNICEF Transforms Facebook Profiles To Raise Money For Clean Water

#FirstWorldProblems Gets Turned Into An Advocacy Campaign

Virgin Launches A New Line Of Water Purifiers

Insulated Water Bottle Brand Gives One Person Clean Water For A Year

Gamers Purchase Virtual Goods And Contribute To Real World Clean Water Supply [Future Of Gaming]

Gaming Device Powered By Movement Converts Steps Into Charitable Donations [Future Of Gaming]

UNICEF Installs Dirty Water Vending Machine In Manhattan

Trashy Bags UpCycles Ghana’s Plastic Garbage Into New Products

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