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Work november 17, 2016

Amazon Could Offer Housekeeping As Its Latest Prime Perk

The retail giant is experimenting with new services in the Seattle area, perhaps to build a larger system in the future

Design & Architecture april 29, 2016

Ultrasonic Faucet Cleans 1000 Times Better Than Water

Scientists have devised a way to package ultrasonic technology into the head of a faucet

Technology june 17, 2014

Brand App Has Citizens Geotag Offensive Graffiti For Removal

Cleaning brand sends whitewash teams clean up Romania's streets in response to user submissions.

Retail august 13, 2012

London Fashion Brand Unleashes Maids & Butlers To 'Clean Up' NYC [Video]

Ted Baker London employed fake cleaning staff to tidy up the city's streets before the opening of its 5th Avenue store.

Winbot – A robot to clean your windows
Advertising may 18, 2012

Scotch-Brite Lets Young Diners Wash Dishes Instead Of Paying Their Bill

The sponge brand couldn't get the younger demographic to buy their sponges so they created an innovative campaign that gave people the opportunity to try out sponges while getting a free meal.

Design & Architecture august 24, 2011

Last Call To Chat With The Founders Of Method

Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, the founders of Method are holding an interactive webinar for their fans and tomorrow is the last chance to join in on the conversation.

Design & Architecture december 9, 2010

The Dust Ball Makes Cleaning A Game

This cute little robot that rolls around gathering up dust, makes cleaning more amusing than it's ever been.

Arts & Culture july 1, 2010

(Video) Electrolux Turns Product Testing Into Performance Art

A new ad by Swedish artist Tobias Allanson showcases the abilities of an award winning vacuum.

Innovation february 16, 2010

Plasma Sanitizers Kill Bacteria In 4 Seconds

A new kind of sanitizing technology is being developed by researchers looking to make deep cleaning faster and easier.

Design & Architecture january 11, 2010

(Pic) Concept Boat Cleans Water

Vincent Callebaut has devised an interesting concept boat designed to naturally clean bodies of water.

Arts & Culture december 11, 2009

Electrolux Lab Study: Vacuum With Music

An Electrolux lab study concluded vacuuming with music improves cleaning results and gives a general feeling of happiness.

Innovation october 8, 2009

(Pic) Twist Biodegradable Sponges

We noticed these interesting eco-friendly sponges at a local market the other day.


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