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Innovation february 8, 2013

Series of Games Reveal Just How Smart A Dog Is [Video]

Dognition allows owners to test their pet's cognition skills.

Travel november 7, 2012

Puffy Vest Suitcase [Video]

Stuffa Jacket doubles as a carry on bag with hidden compartments in the interior.

Design & Architecture october 22, 2012

Museum Creates Interactive Installation Ads To Show How Fun Science Can Be [Pics]

Science World in Vancouver creates a clever advertising campaign with weird facts brought to life.

Cities august 1, 2012

Doodle Right On NYC Walls With This Creative Notebook [Pics]

Sketchbook replaces ruled blank paper with New York landscapes to let users test their inner street artist.

Design & Architecture july 17, 2012

Graffiti Artist Paints Bridge To Look Like A Giant LEGO Structure

An eye-catching street art made to look like large toy building blocks.

Advertising july 4, 2012

Drivers In Traffic Get Hooked On Goodyear's Bubble Wrap Ad [Video]

A clever and creative print campaign uses a fun way to pass time to promote the auto brand's ultra-grip tires.

Technology june 27, 2012

The 14 Campaigns That Won Big At 2012 Cannes Lions Grand Prix

The best campaigns – from kissing politicians, to a radio show that repels mosquitoes -- a round-up of this year's top campaigns.

Technology may 21, 2012

VW Online Ad Uses Webcams To Start Their Cars

A clever banner campaign lets users engage and rev up the engine of a vehicle with their computers.

Home may 21, 2012

Invisible Ads Can Only Be Seen When Wearing Sunglasses [Video]

Passers-by were handed polarized eyewear to view raunchy videos in a clever campaign.

Cities may 21, 2012

Indestructible Billboard Doubles As A Punching Bag [Video]

An outdoor ad that invites passers-by to give it their best hit.

Design & Architecture may 4, 2012

Raincoat Quickly Converts Into A Shopping Bag [Pics]

Waterproof poncho that turns into a dry handbag within seconds.

Home march 6, 2012

Convertible Stilettos House Secret Ballet Flats [Pics]

2-in-1 high heels with inner liners that turn into comfortable walking shoes.

Design & Architecture march 6, 2012

Dissolvable Stickers Help Wash Your Fruit

These clever labels turn into non-harmful soap to help remove residues and dirt.

Advertising february 29, 2012

Report For Solar Power Company Can Only Be Read Under Sunlight [Video]

A sun-powered report presents the yearly figures in a unique and humorous way.


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