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Syndicated september 14, 2016

Determining Water’s True Value In The Supply Chain

With water shortages exacerbating inequalities and causing damage to economies, we must make sure the commodity is properly valued

Syndicated july 21, 2016

How NYC Is Using Design To Cope With Climate Change

Amid rising seas, a park on the island uses Dutch ingenuity to protect itself while maintaining its beauty

Design may 23, 2016

Clothing Line Imagines A Future Of Rising Temperatures

The garments are designed to help the wearer keep cool in a warming world

Cities january 7, 2016

With Every Drip, Melting Polar Bear Statue Raises Global Warming Awareness

A cry for help from the Arctic that isn't so cute, cuddly or comforting

Luxury december 23, 2015

Your Birthday’s Weather Proves How Damaging Climate Change Is Today

Turn back the climate clock to know why it's time to start worrying about our planet and the trade partnerships killing it

Cities december 22, 2015

Educating Our Way to a Zero-Waste Future

How Kamikatsu, Japan—despite initial protests from its denizens—is progressing toward its 2020 zero-waste goal

Advertising december 15, 2015

Should a Real Estate Company Cash in on Climate Change Awareness?

A company using global warming as a marketing tool may be satire, but the feedback from the credulous is very real

Cities december 11, 2015

Will Any City Ever Truly Be Car-Free?

Car-free days have slashed pollution in Paris while new eco-cities are aiming to design out the need for vehicles—but will cars in cities ever be consigned to history?

Advertising december 7, 2015

This Group Took Over Billboards In Paris to Address Climate Change

Brandalism installed more than 600 pieces in JCDecaux advertising spaces to protest government inaction on our time's most pressing issue

Culture november 19, 2015

Glacier Candles Comment On Global Warming

Brynjar Sigurðarson's collection reminds us that the preservation of the environment is in our hands

Cities november 12, 2015

The World in 2065: Social Scientists on What the Future Holds

A writing competition held by the Economic and Social Research Council asked PhD students to look 50 years into the future. Here are the winning pieces

Cities october 27, 2015

Desert Mega-Project Positions Morocco as Solar Superpower

World’s largest concentrated solar power plant, powered by the Saharan sun, set to help renewables provide almost half the country’s energy by 2020

Cities october 7, 2015

Sustainable Classrooms: Mud Walls, Rainwater and Visits From Lizards

Exploring the schools at the cutting edge of sustainability, as seen in Bali, Indonesia and the Scottish Highlands

Cities august 11, 2015

As World Flocks to Cities, 24-Hour ‘Climathon’ Tackles Citywide Climate Change

Aided by Climate-KIC,, activists from 18 cities pitched new services and programs to tackle issues on air quality, water supply and disaster prevention


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