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IoT august 2, 2013

Honda’s Light And Sound Installation Recreates Record-Breaking Race [Video]

Ayrton Senna’s 1989 lap becomes the focus of the brand’s new short.

Technology july 11, 2012

Stop-Motion Viral Music Video Created Using 500 Girls Holding An iPad [Video]

An interesting production enlisted participation from passers-by to hold up a tablet.

Work june 1, 2012

Pentagram Compares Their 40 Years Of Work To The Life Of A Child [Video]

The design firm likens itself to a child growing up, using the brands they've worked with to create the story.

Cities may 28, 2012

Nike Styles Soccer Star In Its Virtual Barbershop [Video]

Footballer Mario Balotelli has his hair styled in the brand's latest viral campaign.

Technology may 14, 2012

Volkswagen Turns Crowdsourced Hover Car Concept Into A Viral Video [Video]

See the levitating vehicle get test driven in China.

Arts & Culture april 26, 2012

Filmmaker Creates Time-Lapse Videos Of His Kids Growing Up [Video]

A dad filmed his children every week from birth and created time-lapse clips.

Home october 13, 2011

Stick Figure Runway Models Created From Dots & Lines

Issey Miyake uses stick figure models to walk the runway in this creative animated clip.

Technology october 5, 2011

Portlandia’s Humorous Take On Tech Overload [Video]

Technology Loop is a funny skit by the crew at Portlandia to show what happens when someone is consumed by technology.


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