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Home september 23, 2016

A Clock That Beautifully Manages Your Information Overload

The wall-mounted timekeeper is made to help people maintain focus and stay up to date with their appointments

Automotive september 23, 2016

These Trucks Drove Around In Circles For 24 Hours To Keep Time

The giant ticking clock was created by 14 Scania vehicles in a deserted airfield

Design & Architecture july 19, 2016

Watch Time Fade With This Concrete Clock

Hours of the day dematerialize into shadowed remnants with this French-designed wall piece

Work june 23, 2016

For The Hyperconnected, A Clock That Filters Out Life's Digital Noise

Handsome and made of hardwood, this timekeeper manages your digital distractions so you don't have to

Technology june 10, 2016

This Work Clock Rings For Women After 79% Of The Work Day

This clever clock was designed to highlight the pay wage gap between men and women

Arts & Culture june 7, 2016

This Clock Is Designed To Reframe Our Perception Of Time

24-hour timepiece created to reconnect viewers with each moment of their day

Innovation december 12, 2014

Interactive Technology Charges Phone in a Beautiful New Way

Spira device, designed by Alice Robbiani, operates as a base station, magnetic picture frame and wall clock

Arts & Culture november 21, 2014

Human Clock Unites Global Population in Time

TEDxAmsterdam celebrates the diversity of the global population, where everyone is affected by time

IoT february 24, 2014

Analog Clock Writes Out Each Minute As It Passes [Video]

The Plotclock uses robotic arms to write out the current time in clear numbers.

Design & Architecture november 7, 2013

Alarm Clock Provides A Life Stats Reality Check Every Morning [Pics]

New morning call wakes you up with your bank balance, life expectancy and number of social connections.

IoT april 19, 2013

BERG Cuckoo Clock Sings When Owners Tweet [Video]

The creative agency creates a timekeeper in collaboration with Twitter.

Technology january 24, 2013

Alarm Clock Gives Snoozers Electric Shocks

The singNschock concept design will jolt users out of bed.

Advertising november 6, 2012

Clock Uses Sand To Mark Time

An interesting concept employs an organic mechanism inspired by ancient methods of keeping time.

Arts & Culture november 5, 2012

Clock Knits A Scarf Over The Course Of A Year

A unique concept shows the passage of time using an accessory that is knitted 24 hours a day for 365 days.


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