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Technology october 12, 2011

Cloud Printing Platform Allows Users To Print On The Go

Breezy is a mobile, cloud printing platform that allows mobile users to seek out nearby partnered printers for their convenience.

Design & Architecture september 29, 2011

Amazon Silk Revolutionizes Split Web Browsing

A new browser from the online giant harnesses the power of cloud computing and brings it to the mobile device.

IoT september 22, 2011

Creating ‘In Situ’ Content

VC Fred Wilson recently described the benefit of cloud content systems like SoundCloud and Google Docs.

Retail september 5, 2011

Virtual ATMs Store Your Bank Details In The Cloud For Extra Security

Diebold has revealed the world's first ATM that uses virtualisation technology and relies on cloud-based technology to offer more security and reliability.

july 25, 2011

European Startup Teams Up With Amazon To Run Its Business Off Cloud Technology [Headlines]

EU policies prevented the courier service Shutl from running their business off cloud technology, but the startup found a solution with Amazon and processes more than 1,000 deliveries a day.

Technology july 5, 2011

Schools In South Korea To Go Completely Digital By 2015

Over $2 billion will be spent on making the transition towards a paperless environment.

Design & Architecture june 2, 2011

Do Personality And Cloud Data Make Good Bedfellows?

Will getting a better deal for data exchanged for online services feed our desire for a personal brand?

Luxury may 23, 2011

frog design: Are Our Lives Vanishing Into The Cloud?

Albums, books, and other objects are being replaced by unseen data—but new ways to craft our identities are emerging, too.

Mobile april 18, 2011

Ed Cotton: What Happens When We Are Film Directors Of Our Own Lives?

The increasing ability to easily capture high quality video brings up a number of interesting questions.

Work april 14, 2011

Razorfish5: Technologies That Will Change The Business of Brands

Digital agency Razorfish publishes a comprehensive report advising how business can leverage emerging technologies.

Home april 12, 2011

Will All Physical Media Be Replaced By The Cloud?

With companies increasingly offering different forms of media via streaming and on-demand services, Lance Ulanoff at PCMag questions whether this is the end of content ownership.

Home march 2, 2011

Mindgine’s Social Cloud Powers Scientific Research

The not-for-profit company offers low-cost, environmentally sound plug computers that power world-saving research in their spare time.

Technology march 1, 2011

Cloud Computing For Robots

Researchers are now finding ways for robots to utilize cloud computing as a means of accessing immense amounts of data that would allow them to perform a variety of flexible roles.

Design & Architecture february 23, 2011

Cloud Computing And The Future Of Interaction Design

Having access to data any time or place has great advantages. Now designers must figure out how to make this a pleasant reality.


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