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Advertising january 29, 2016

A Personal Assistant for Filing Taxes on the Move

An app creates a digital archive for filing taxes using cloud storage

Technology september 14, 2015

The Sky's the Limit for a Phone Designed Around Unlimited Cloud Storage

Nextbit's Robin smartphone unleashes the power and convenience of syncing photos and data to the cloud

Technology may 3, 2013

Real Time Back Up Of Social Media Profiles Protects Online Memories

Frostbox is a one-stop storage device for social media, allowing people to store copies of their photos, videos, contacts and files in the cloud.

Technology october 3, 2012

Voice Activated Search Knows Who Is Talking To It

OfficeDrop's updated iOS apps now features voice search, which lets users find words, phrases and numbers in their files and file names right from their device.

Mobile june 6, 2012

Store & Share Personal Videos In The Cloud

Boxee's New service, Cloudee lets users upload media, put them in folders, and choose which family members or friends can view them.

Technology february 10, 2012

Watch Out Dropbox: Google Drive Is Coming Soon [Headlines]

World's largest search engine to explore cloud-based service.

Work january 16, 2012

Spanish Bank Moves Its Office Communication Into The Cloud

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria is shifting its 110,000 employees to Google's suite of productivity tools.

Mobile september 26, 2011

Google Announces Cloud Storage Service To Enhance Google Docs

'Google Drive' is the set-to-launch web-based storage service that will be competing with cloud storage players like Amazon, Dropbox, and the upcoming Apple iCloud service to be released this fall.

Arts & Culture august 10, 2011

Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader Lets Users Access Library On iPad

Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader is a web-based version of the Kindle eBook reader that is compatible with PC, Mac, Chromebook, and iPad.

Work june 7, 2011

Apple's iCloud Will Be The New Digital Hub

Steve Jobs detailed the features of the new iCloud at Apple's annual developer's conference.

Home june 1, 2011

Cloud Archive: Paul McCartney's Digital Library

Hewlett-Packard has launched a private archive of the singer's music, video clips, photographs and other memorabilia.

Design & Architecture may 18, 2011

Storing Physical Belongings In The Cloud

How likely are you to place your belongings in a cloud-based storage service?

Advertising april 8, 2011

Software Streamlines Treasured Memory Storage

Issues of saving and passing along a digital heritage are simplified by an online memory site.

Cities march 30, 2011

Mobile Impacting The Use And Delivery of Letter Postage

In spite of the popular buzz that is inevitably generated from any statement to the effect of "print/blogs etc are dead," we've seen that communications technologies never truly die, they simply find relevance in other spheres of human activity.


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