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Sustainability march 31, 2016

The Surprising Places National Parks and Military Units Are Turning to for Renewable Energy

Plotting the key efforts to leverage unexpected, unprecedented and unwieldy energy sources

Technology december 3, 2014

Electrolux Now Helps Clean Our Virtual Home

World Wide Vac helps clean up email clutter and aims to reduce CO2 emissions at the same time

IoT december 23, 2013

App-Connected Smoke Detector Monitors General Air Quality

A smart fire alarm also detects air quality programs and knows to bother you only if it's absolutely necessary.

Work december 13, 2013

New Bike Prototype Purifies The Air As You Pedal

A new bike concept from Thailand does the dirty work of actual air purification.

july 18, 2013

Bug Repellent Patch Makes Wearer Invisible To Mosquitoes

The Kite Mosquito Patch uses patent-pending compounds to block the bugs' ability to detect the CO2 that humans give off.

Technology july 1, 2013

Cylinder Sensor Measures Indoor Air Quality [Video]

Keep your family safe from indoor air pollutants with this easy-to-use device.

Design & Architecture june 18, 2012

Metallic ‘Sponge’ Absorbs Carbon Dioxide To Combat Global Warming

Scientists have created a lattice-like structure that can soak up CO2.

Innovation december 2, 2011

Crowdsourcing CO2 Output [Headlines]

John Geraci says that we must start mapping CO2 output by city so that communities can see and understand what their own contribution to the problem is.

Cities october 27, 2011

A Driving Tour Of Global Car Sharing [Headlines]

This interactive infographic explains some of the benefits of car sharing, and how it's revving up around the world.

Work october 24, 2011

Current Population Growth Is Costing Us The Earth [Headlines]

Our population is rising while our ability to sustain life on Earth is shrinking – we must change before nature does it for us.

Syndicated october 12, 2011

Triple Pundit: London Chefs Campaign To Reduce Food Waste

A new effort will provide 'doggie boxes' to diners unable to finish their meals free of charge.

Sustainability september 30, 2010

A Low Carbon Beer

As part of the SHOWHOW exhibit, Novozymes has created a more sustainable beverage.

Arts & Culture july 2, 2010

Measuring Tape For Trees Calculate CO2 Reduction

This tool translates our daily activities into units of carbon dioxide to remind us that our contemporary lifestyle has a high cost in environmental currency.

Sustainability august 19, 2009

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