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Retail october 19, 2012

$50 Cup Of Coffee Is Made From Elephant Dung [Video]

Beans digested by elephants and civets brew the world's most expensive and caffeinated coffee.

Design & Architecture july 2, 2012

Artist Creates Mural Out Of Roasted Coffee Beans [Pics]

Arkady Kim created the world’s largest coffee bean mosaic using one million beans that were roasted and then glued one-by-one to a giant panel.

Sustainability february 10, 2012

Eco-Friendly Lego Made Of Natural Waste

These sustainable building blocks are made from old coffee beans, cedar bark and cedar sawdust.

Work june 21, 2011

Rwanda Gakenke – Starbuck’s New Premium Coffee Line

The beverage and retail corporation has a new high-end line of coffee that it describes as exotic, rare and exquisite.

Design & Architecture august 19, 2009

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