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[News] PepsiCo moves into the natural products market with organic Gatorade
Advertising april 18, 2016

Pepsi's New Product Draws From The Craft Cocktail Movement

Rum and coke, anyone? This brand is promoting a soda made to compliment cocktails

Design & Architecture july 17, 2013

Coca Cola-Flavored Wine Attempts To Win Over Younger Drinkers

As vino drinking declines in France, one winery decides to try and appeal to the next generation of consumers.

Work february 10, 2013

Pepsi Steals Coca-Cola's Super Bowl Characters In New Ad [Super Bowl 2013]

Cola brand creates a tongue-in-cheek ad in response to their competitor's game day campaign.

Technology october 16, 2012

Pepsi Offers To Run People's Daily Errands To Give Them A Break

To promote their new ‘Pepsi Next’ product, the drinks brand has partnered with TaskRabbit to offer people help with running errands.

Advertising april 11, 2012

Hug A Coca Cola Vending Machine To Get A Free Soda

The beverage company wants you to literally embrace its brand.

october 13, 2011

Lucozade Energy Launches Cola Variant [Headlines]

Lucozade Energy, the GSK-owned sports-drink brand, is launching its first cola-flavoured variant in a limited edition black bottle.

Home august 10, 2010

(Pics) Artist Creates Pool Filled With Homemade Cola

Mike Bouchet recently tried to make a childhood dream a reality with a unique art installation.

Design & Architecture november 20, 2009

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