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Sustainability december 9, 2012

Why The "Sharing Economy" Has A Branding Challenge

World changing pundits struggle with naming a concept that creates economic growth, increases access to goods and services, yet reduces consumption.

Technology august 30, 2012

Ed Cotton: Is The Ownership Revolution Transforming Brands?

As more and more consumers adopt a "collaborative consumption" model, brands move towards service models instead of purchase ones.

Innovation july 23, 2012

Why Car Sharing Is About To Explode [Headlines]

GM opens its 6 million subscribers of OnStar service to car renting with partner RelayRides.

IoT july 18, 2012

What Are The Potential Pitfalls Of Collaborative Consumption? [Headlines]

A recent study with Zipcar shows that people are less inclined to take care of products they share compared to if they owned them.

Mobile july 10, 2012

Mobile Game Rewards Players When They Provide Favors For Neighbors

Favortree using social gaming techniques to encourage sharing among community members.

Technology june 15, 2012

New Social Network Uses Kindness As Its Currency, Encourages Giving

Actress / activist Lily Cole has been working with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to create a new kind of social network, one built on reciprocity.

Mobile may 8, 2012

Which Startup Will Be The Next Instagram?

If you could only invest in one startup, where would you place your bets?

Work april 7, 2012

How Wireless Tethering Could Change The World

Adam Black, Founder of KeyWiFi explains to PSFK how wireless tethering can be used to get the unconnected world online.

Retail february 21, 2012

Does Collaborative Consumption Have Mainstream Appeal? [Headlines]

The new system of exchange is growing in popularity and being used outside of niche markets.

Design & Architecture september 6, 2011

Are Modern Products Good Enough To Allow For Collaborative Consumption?

As we stared at a flat tire on our Parisian shared-bike, we wondered whether stuff is created these days to be overly used.

Innovation july 11, 2011

Visualizing The Profit In Sharing [Infographic]

Understanding how the web enables new consumer patterns has never been easier thanks to Collaborative Consumptions latest infographic.

Arts & Culture june 2, 2011

How To Design Products For Gen Y

Co. Design offers some key insights that product and experiential designers should consider - while we wonder if Lady GaGa's first product launch as Creative Director for Polaroid embodies these.

Arts & Culture may 13, 2011

GiftFlow Builds Economies Around Free Stuff [Headlines]

Yale recent grads create a startup that will connect people so they can exchange thing they no longer want.

Sustainability april 6, 2011

PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: Jill Fehrenbacher

The founder of Inhabitat talks about the challenges of green design and how collaborative consumption might turn the tide of environmental devastation.


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