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Work october 30, 2014

Tulane University Students Upcycle Old Signs

A new use for old signs creates shade for community, credentials for students

Innovation january 28, 2013

Hair Cooked Into Diamonds To Celebrate Academic Success

Brazil school collected tresses from those who passed their entrance exam and made them into gems.

Technology june 21, 2012

Study Reveals Whether College Students Are Depressed By Internet Usage Patterns [Headlines]

Switching quickly from Spotify to email to Facebook can be a sign of depression. A recent study correlates web habits with depression.

Home february 28, 2012

University Houses Student-Owned Microbrewery

The 1,000-square foot brewery will be housed in the new student union building at the University of British Columbia.

Luxury november 16, 2011

Downturn In Real Estate Market Allows Students To Trade Dorms For Luxury Homes

A lack of room on-campus is forcing college youngsters to move into houses in the overbuilt planned communities.

Mobile july 20, 2011

Amazon Launches Digital Textbook Rental Service

The online retailer offers college students big savings on textbooks with a flexible, electronic option for tablets and eReaders.

Retail march 9, 2011

Tag4Life Taps Into College Students’ Idealism To Support UNICEF

A mobile game of 'tag' for college students generates awareness for UNICEF supported projects.

Technology october 7, 2010

LinkedIn Introduces Career Mapping Tool For College Students

LinkedIn and PWC have launched a new web tool that will help students to chart out their career paths.

Design & Architecture february 24, 2010

The Textbook Gets Remixed

Professors and students alike can rejoice with the invention of Macmillan's remixable electronic textbook.

Home december 10, 2009

The Evolution of College Dorms

TIME magazine has an interesting photo gallery highlighting how college dormitories have evolved over the years.


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