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Cities november 4, 2013

Wilderness Perfumer Concocts Scents Using Naturally-Foraged Ingredients

An organic line of fragrance that recaptures the essence of nature.

Design october 16, 2012

Cologne Sticks Requires Users To Light Them On Fire To Release Scent

'Campfire Cologne' comes in a matchbox instead of a bottle and you need to pull out a match, light a slice of wood, and waft the smoke to put on the scent.

Culture march 16, 2012

Pope Commissons A Custom Personal Cologne [Headlines]

The religious leader has had his own scent designed that has notes of lime tree, verbena and grass.

Cities march 14, 2012

On-Call Fragrance Butler Pampers Hotel Guests With Bespoke Scents

Rosewood hotel's North American and Saudi Arabian properties offer the exclusive 24-hour service and have fragrance menus tailored to each hotel.

Cities september 10, 2010

Filling Station Dispenses Fresh Milk Around The Clock

Self-serve vending machines delivers dairy 24 hours a day.

Culture march 16, 2010

(Video) Augmented Sculpture

For Interior Design Week in Cologne, German company Lichtfront installed what they call an “Augmented Sculpture”. A multi-projection of 4 sources interacts with the forms and shapes of the sculpture creating an incredible optical illusion.


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