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Advertising september 21, 2016

Hermès Pop-Up Laundromats Refresh Your Old Silk Scarves

The retail locations include washing machines and dryers that give fresh life to previously-owned products

Cities december 22, 2014

Post-It Notes Channel Color Inspiration from Major Cities

This new series of Post-It notes can make a work day feel like a vacation

[Insight] The psychology of choosing orange to raise gun violence awareness
Design november 11, 2014

Color Swatch Calendar Features 371 Unique Hues

The time-telling 2015 edition has enough chromatic supply to make for a year far removed from black and white

Culture november 4, 2014

Snowstrike Goggles Improve Safety and Performance

The color-changing VT eyewear uses LCD to change tints on demand

Culture october 27, 2014

Psychology of Color Pencils Name Hues After Moods

Thought-provoking words replace standard color labels in this colored pencil set for grownups

Design october 1, 2014

Coffee Table Designs Incorporate Elements of Math and Science

Maurie Novak's Prism bewilders the senses with an elaborate rainbow of color

Culture november 27, 2013

Designers Cast Their Vote For Pantone’s 2014 Color Of The Year [Infographic]

Unofficial panel from around the world select their favorites for this year.

Culture november 11, 2013

Historic Black And White Photos Colorized By Reddit [Pics]

Users of the popular social news and entertainment site give iconic photos greater life with a splash of color.

Advertising october 31, 2013

Use Songs To Mix Various Paint Palettes

American paint company Dutch Boy's new app lets customers paint a room in their favorite song.

Culture september 12, 2013

Celebrated Novels Transformed Into Evocative Color Schemes [Pics]

Artist Jaz Parkinson’s Color Charts use striped book covers to represent authors’ words invoking color.

Design september 3, 2013

Lamp Changes Colors Using Ink-Filled Syringes [Video]

Arduino-powered light requires injections to display different colors of light.

Advertising july 24, 2013

Visualizations Depict Wifi Signals In Urban Areas [Pics]

Artist explores the idea of what it would be like if this technology was visible to the naked eye.

Culture may 17, 2013

Professional Oil Paintings Done Entirely With Fingers [Pics]

A unique technique allows this artist to bring a much greater sense of depth and color to her work.


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