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Color-Changing Fabrics Morphs In Response To Sound Files

Historic Black And White Photos Colorized By Reddit [Pics]

Color-Changing Building Blocks Create Illuminated Structures [Pics]

Color-Changing Lid Alerts Drinkers To Scalding Beverages

Butterfly Wing Theater Roof Harvests Rainwater & Changes Color [Pics]

Jeans Change Color Depending On Body Temperature [Video]

Smart Ice Cubes Tell Drinkers When They’ve Had Too Much

Custom Colored Lightbulbs

  • 30 october 2012
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Annual Report Changes Colors When Held In Reader’s Hands [Video]

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

Leaf-Shaped Thermometer Changes Color With Temperature

Billboard That Changes Color According To What You’re Wearing [Video]

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