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Work march 18, 2016

Decomposing Bodies Power Ethereal Cemetery Lanterns

Sylvan Constellation imagines final resting places as green, bright spaces

Technology january 28, 2014

Flu Forecasting Tool Predicts Health Trends Two Months In Advance

Scientists at Columbia University have developed a forecasting system that can predict when influenza will pass through different regions.

Arts & Culture november 21, 2012

Wu-Tang Clan Member Uses Hip Hop To Teach Science

Students in a Brooklyn school write rhymes to help them learn basic concepts.

Innovation december 9, 2011

Company Uses Gaming To Teach The World To Code [Future of Gaming]

PSFK discuss the Future of Gaming with the founders of Codecademy, a company that has developed a new way to teach people programming.

Technology july 18, 2011

Is The Internet Making You Forget?

Our increasing reliance on the Internet to answer virtually any question has handicapped our ability to remember the simplest of facts.

Cities june 30, 2011

What Makes A Successful City? [Video]

Growing urban centers and populations provoke thought and discussion on what qualities make cities livable and help them thrive.

IoT february 18, 2011

A Decentralized Internet In The Freedom Box

A Columbia law professor is developing an alternate internet based around low-power plug servers that fit in the palm of a hand.

Luxury february 2, 2011

Future Of Real-Time: Context Cartography

Through the union of data and location, multiple layers of real-time information can be displayed geographically, providing enhanced situational context.

Work december 8, 2010

The Hacker War Over Wikileaks

Operation: Payback targets foes of Julian Assange including Paypal, Twitter, PostFinance and Mastercard.

Advertising june 10, 2010

Monocolumn: Shindig To Shape The World

Opening on 22 June, the New York Forum summit is envisioned as an intimate gathering of the international economic elite to help rescue the battered world economy.

Design & Architecture february 5, 2010

Does Social Media Make Everyone A Journalist?

According the Journalism School at Columbia University, there are certain skills all journalists should have when it comes to social media.


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