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Technology august 19, 2013

Google Hosts Online Comedy Clubs Using Hangouts [Video]

Google partnered with UK charity to create the Hangout Comedy Club to raise money for social causes.

Work august 22, 2012

Celebrity Comedians Raise Money For Malaria Research With Exclusive Videos

Malarious, a collection of custom-created videos on Malaria can only be watched after donating to charity.

Advertising november 16, 2011

Comedians Now Pitching For Advertising [Headlines]

As a result of the economic downtown, advertisers and comedians are joining forces, supposing that laughter turns viewer into buyer.

Design & Architecture october 13, 2011

Large Public Art Piece Celebrating Comedy Is Launched In The UK

Gordon Young's typographical 'Comedy Carpet' is installed on the promenade in Blackpool.

Retail april 5, 2011

Ikea Goes In For The Battle Of The Sexes [Video]

The latest Ikea ads pit men against women in a battle of 'who's messier?'


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