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Work july 16, 2014

Cancer Awareness Campaign Accepts Jokes as Donations

The Joke Appeal by UK charity CLIC Sargent aims to raise funds by sharing laughter.

Innovation april 16, 2014

Why Europe Is Looking To YouTube Stars For Their Comedy Fix

Why young viewers are abandoning traditional TV when it comes to humorous content.

Technology march 6, 2014

Virtual Reality Game Lets Fans Hang Out In Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment [Video]

Take a walk around Jerry's iconic pad with your Oculus Rift.

Syndicated december 31, 2013

A Cinematic Look Into Nightclub Bathrooms

MJ Delaney's new film 'Powder Room' takes on a taboo subject matter.

Partner Content december 24, 2013

Why New York Comedy Is So Successful

PSFK and Mixhibit take in the Upright Citizens Brigade 3-on-3 improv competition.

Work october 1, 2013

Michael J. Fox Turns His Battle With Disease Into A Sitcom

Playing a struggling newscaster, the actor brings Parkinson's awareness to the small screen.

Technology august 19, 2013

Google Hosts Online Comedy Clubs Using Hangouts [Video]

Google partnered with UK charity to create the Hangout Comedy Club to raise money for social causes.

IoT july 14, 2013

Drew Neisser: How CollegeHumor Gets Clicks

The CEO of the popular site chats with PSFK columnist to reveal that the brand views itself as a multiplatform, multimedia studio rather than just an online hub.

Innovation july 1, 2013

Star Wars Yoga Redesigns Traditional Poses [Video]

Matthew Latkiewicz has come up with a series of relaxing moves for Gergoe Lucas' fans.

Innovation march 21, 2013

Agency Proves That All Paper Should Not Be Made Digital

French company Le Trefle uses toilet tissue to prove that "Paper has a great future."

Sustainability february 10, 2013

Pepsi Steals Coca-Cola's Super Bowl Characters In New Ad [Super Bowl 2013]

Cola brand creates a tongue-in-cheek ad in response to their competitor's game day campaign.

Syndicated august 29, 2012

Comedy TV in Turkey & A Primer on Schizophrenia [PechaKucha]

Today’s presentations from the Pecha Kucha archive includes a presentation from Can Yücel Metin, actor and writer on the TV show 'Aye, Thanks!'

Technology july 16, 2012

Charlie Kaufman Funds His New Animated Film On Kickstarter

The team behind the TV show 'Community' spurns big studio restrictions in favour of crowdsourcing cash for ambitious stop-motion film Anomalisa.

Mobile february 27, 2012

Last Minute Tickets To Local Events Sent To Your Phone

WillCall helps people find spontaneous things to do by offering unsold tickets at discounted prices.


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